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Couples Therapy & Individual Counselling

  • Are you struggling in your relationship and would you like to learn to connect more lovingly with your partner? 

  • Are you stuck in a relationship pattern of fighting, yelling and blaming?

  • Are you looking for a new way of interacting with each other?

  • Are you wanting to grow together instead of giving up on each other?

  • Are you feeling depressed, insecure or anxious?

  • Are you plagued by feelings of shame, guilt or inadequacy?

  • Are  you experiencing attachment issues, like being fearful of abandonment or are you avoiding to commit?

  • Are you wanting to heal an attachment wound to feel more confident and to succeed better in relationships?

Contact me for counselling that helps relationships succeed and that helps people thrive again! 




To suit your unique personality and to address the specific issues that you want to work on, we can use different methods and tools, based on my training and expertise as an Integrative Therapist.

I offer a professional, safe and accepting environment, while using an attachment-based approach that benefits your personal life and your relationships. 

  • Integrative Therapist (IV, Belgium)

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy Training for Couples & Individuals (NZCEFT, New Zealand)

  • Marriage & Funeral Celebrant

  • Yoga & Mindfulness Instructor


I am available for online therapy sessions in English and Dutch. Or we can schedule an in person therapy session in Mangawhai (Northland, New Zealand).

Originally from Belgium, I'm based in New Zealand since 2013. 

  • Relationship Issues

  • Individuals and Couples

  • Attachment Issues

  • Loss and grief

  • Life Changes and Life Passages


Together we can work on understanding and managing your personal issues and/or on creating a deeper bond with your partner. I use an attachment-based approach that offers effective, proven tools to help you achieving your goals.


I work with people who identify as heterosexual, with people from the LGBTQ community and with people who live in alternative relationship structures such as polyamory or open relationships.

Attachment is a theme that has impacted me since I was in


my mother's womb and that has shaped my life in many ways. As a therapist I gained insight in the way that our attachment wounds and our bonding style can get in the way of our personal development and our relationships. I offer counselling based on proven methods of change and healing.

Benefit from the guidance and the support of a counsellor who can help you understand yourself and your relationships better. When your emotional baggage gets lighter, you will be able to thrive again, to actively engage with life and people, and to have a relationship that succeeds.



Let's start your journey towards personal healing, emotional growth and deep, intimate connection.

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Looking forward to hearing from you!!



+64 21 2968794 (New Zealand)

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